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Horváth Recruitment Personnel Consulting Ltd. was founded by consultants with many years of multinational consulting experience in human resources management, whose intent and goals are to furnish clients with tailor-made services at affordable fee.

The company was established in the spring of 2002 following the revelation of the changing economical climate, necessitating solutions and services different from what had been in practice previously in the human resources management business. Clients have raised their demands towards HR suppliers in terms of more tailor-made solutions reflecting a more reasonable price/quality ratio.

Besides the well-known multinational personnel consulting firms with steep consulting fees, smaller organizations headed up over the past few years by Consultants with international practice began to render new, more client-friendly services adding their own creativity and value to the existing know-how.

Horváth Recruitment Ltd. qualifies itself as one of these emerging small organizations striving to build clientele under the assurance of professional, client-focused and dependable operation.

Our broad service portfolio accommodates the entire spectrum of our clientele with such solutions rendered as comprehensive direct search, database mining, occasional HR-related consulting as they pertain to the entire range of positions and geographical regions of the country.

Values we deem as being the most important:

  • expertise
  • quality execution of services
  • tailor-made solutions
  • creativity
  • quick response to needs
  • dependability
  • reliability
  • loyalty
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